The Programme

What is The Programme?

Our Residential Programme aims to empower women held back by life controlling issues, including addiction, self-harm, anxiety and depression, through a holistic and tailored service.

The programme includes counselling, life skills, personal and social development and health and wellbeing support. It aims to encourage trust and independence while providing support where the individual needs it. 

This service can also be a ‘move-on’ option for women who have been a victim to exploitation and have exited safe house or home office accommodation. This can sometimes be essential to survivors to reduce the risk of being ‘re-trafficked’. We believe working on the deeper issues surrounding their time of exploitation is key to a person's success and independence. 

To find out more or ask for an information pack and application form please contact-


A success story

“ Sometimes I have to pinch myself because my life is now just so amazing. I have a motivation for life that I have never had before and I am truly happy with who I am and my health. A year ago I could not make any decisions for myself but now I am able to make good decisions everyday. I can truly say I am free from my addiction”

- Elaine successfully completed The Programme in 2020


Light Packs

We have recently launched our new outreach campaign to mark Modern Slavery Day 2020 and a new service within Searchlight Scotland. 
In Scotland today there is estimated to be 8000 victims of human trafficking living in our country.
Unfortunately Due to COVID-19, trafficking has intensified and we want to make a difference in our city.
Every week we send outreach teams to the streets of Aberdeen, and hidden spaces with our new ‘light packs.’
In Autumn 2020 we received a donation of 700 torches to aid our campaign. In the pack there is a torch light with a helpline number and a spotting leaflet.
We are passionate about rescuing those being exploited and at risk of being trafficked.

There are two ways you can get involved:
1. Join an outreach team
2. Buy us some batteries*

*We need 1400 batteries in order to complete our ‘light packs’. Please contact to donate batteries or click the donate button to help finance the operation.

We want to shine the light to those in the darkest situations

Project Light 

We recently just finished assisting SOHTIS a charity based in Edinburgh who launched a project called ‘Project Light’.
We partnered together for three months during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions to help identify over 150 potential victims of human trafficking.

The success of this project meant that potential victims throughout Scotland are now being identified and rescued in a time of extreme isolation. Human trafficking has greatly intensified over 2020 due to Covid-19 and we only hope to do more projects like this to help fight against this widespread crime.