Written by 
Renae Relph- Caseworker

Asking for help doesn’t come naturally, it can actually feel like a chore.

Independence and self reliance, is this not what we all strive for?

Guilt, shame, trauma and pain.

The things that hold us back.

While prideful barriers of protection go up and surround us like a wall.

The ability to trust others, doesn’t seem very appealing at all!

Those of us who have been hurt before, you understand the patter.

Hold onto these for too long though and we become blind to what really matters.

What if reaching out looks like letting go?

Isn’t that careering out of control?

Independence, self reliance, grasping hold of control.

All these things on the face of it seem okay, but aren’t they actually taking a toll?

What happens though when we just………..STOP.

Just for a moment and fix our eyes on Jesus?

In the midst of the chaos, peace comes down like a free gift from heaven.

A life changing second, a heart surrendered, but in letting go there was no collision!

Instead, a resounding peace, a beautiful calm, a rescue plan in motion

A life arrested, a soul contested, a freedom from my isolated prison!

These are just my thoughts on being stuck, the difficulty of reaching out for help, my struggles, my vulnerability and ultimately what brought my breakthrough. However, I am aware that reaching out for help looks different for all of us. My breakthrough came when I reached out to God, asked for forgiveness of the life I was living and asked Jesus to come into my heart and then began a lifelong journey of walking with him in close relationship, along with investing in counselling, finding a supportive church family, attending support groups, engaging in creative therapy, admitting I had an issue in the rooms of AA and time, lots and lots of time! Let me also be quick to add, this is an on-going journey! I am thankful there have been many more breakthroughs since and continue to be, in ways I could never even begin to imagine and in places I didn’t even know I needed a breakthrough in my life.

Perhaps for you, reaching out looks like approaching a friend or family member and admitting you need help or support. It could even look like contacting a support group through your local church, AA, NA, Samaritans, SAMH, Womens aid or Rape crisis, admitting that your pain or issue is no longer manageable. Perhaps, it’s a counsellor's help you need to walk alongside you and help you figure out the issues of life, past or present.

Whatever reaching out looks like for you today, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Harness available support around you

Explore your vulnerability to believe in someone other than yourself

Learn that trusting safe people within boundaries, can be a freeing experience

Patience is needed in your growth, learning and healing to achieve a different outcome for your life

Ultimately, my help came from God, along with a mixture of most of the above. My relationship with Jesus saved my life, he wants to bring that freedom to ALL who seek him today.

Words by Renae Relph

The Truth of Jesus

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Jesus>Religion - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IAhDGYlpqY&t=30s  

Practical Help Sources 

Searchlight Scotland - Residential, Supported, Independent Living. Accommodation & support within the community for women with life controlling issues - 01224 587496

Teen Challenge, Beniah - Residential Rehabilitation Centre - 01771 620100

SAMH - Mental Health Information and Support in Scotland - 0344 800 0550 

Samaritans - A free non-judgemental listening helpline - 116 123

Women’s Aid - Free, confidential, specialist service for women, children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse - 01224 593381 (In an emergency always call 999)

Rape Crisis - Support for people over the age of 13, who have at any point in their lives been subjected to sexual violence - 01224 590932

Mental Health Aberdeen - Provide counselling services for children, young people and adults in Aberdeen - 01224 590510

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